The Little Voice – Joss Sheldon

This was a different kind of read to what I am regularly used to reading. This is the story of Yew and it is told from his characters perspective, which made this story so much more real and drag me into the story so much easier and kept me hooked. The simplicity of how this all worked so well together and how brilliantly it was written, made this an addictive read. For such a short read of under 200 pages, this book did so much to incorporate so much into such a short amount of pages. To develop the main character, his story, and to highlight what was going on in the book and going on in his mind.

While reading this book, I felt like it was a metaphor for society today and how conformity plays a part in that. How society is trying to force people, especially children from a young age in school, to conform and be raised to societal norms and what’s expected from them. How people are expected to behave a certain way, and if they don’t, then they are punished until they learn how to behave and act correctly. It could possibly have been a look how Mental Illness goes undiagnosed and mishandled. This then mixed in with the above societal conformity concept expected of people.

This book did mke me rethink about so much, which is great when a book makes you think about yourself and makes you look around you. It makes you look past the words and look deeper into the book.

It’s definitely a book that’s worth a read and the best partis, it’s part of Kindle Unlimited if you have it, you it could be a free read.